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In 1860,  more than 150 years ago , the All Saints' Church at Trimulgherry in Hyderabad, India  was established, with  the funds raised by the British troops  and civilians serving in the area.

It was  a Garrison Church then , presided by Army Chaplains. It was an anglican church.

A Collage of Plaques put up by British soldiers in memory of their colleagues and a plaque displaying heritage award of 2002.

Subsequently the church was bequeathed to the Church of South India which was formed in 1947 when the British left  India.

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The Church celebrated its post centenary golden jubilee (150 years) of its existence in Oct 2010. While sprucing up the building for the occasion,  several instances of degradation in walls and roof were noticed. So, after the 150 years celebrations were over pastorate committee decided to take up restoration of the weak structures.The Bishop of Medak Diocese has consented for the same.
A committee of experts in Structures and Civil Engineering was formed to take up this restoration work and execute it with agencies which specialise in the preservation and restoration of ancient monuments.

Cost,  estimated at Rupees 45 Lakhs ( about US$ 85000 then )  was high as the original structure is made up of lime mortar, not cement.

Funds for the job were raised internally by donations from congregation members who were liberal in giving for this cause as the ancestors of many were members of this church and  the generations that followed them were christened, confirmed and  married. Many member’s ancestors lie in peace in the cemetery nearby.

When the structure was opened during repairs several internal hidden degradations were exposed which necessitated  major replacements and this has resulted in the unexpected escalation of costs which shot beyond the funds raised and even the additional donations given by members and some charitable organizations to meet the expenditure for this extra work are inadequate. Having opened up the structure the work can't be stopped now. Even after additional donations by members and sympathizers*  we are running short presently by Rupees 8 Lakhs ( about US$ 15000 ). 

This appeal therefore is to contribute towards this just cause in the preservation of the heritage and majesty of this Church for future generations.

Kindly pray for the completion of this project at the earliest.

May we reiterate the fact that this church  is a part of the heritage of our town, and has become a popular landmark within our community. It is therefore but natural that the  church has been awarded "The INTACH Heritage Award" by the then Governor in 2002

You can send in your valuable donations via Cheque/DD drawn in favour of ALL SAINTS' CHURCH.

In case you wish to give Online, then the Funds can be transferred to following bank A/C. :

A/C NAME:                  ALL SAINTS' CHURCH
A/C No. :                     860410100005868
BANK :                        BANK OF INDIA 
BANK ADDRESS:        Ramkrishnapurain, Secunderabad 500056, India
IFSC CODE:                BK110008604

* God helps those who give for His cause.
 What is written in next para is a fact.

A lot of solid wood is required to replace the worn out wooden trusses. Due to the heavy cost involved procurement was made in small lots at a time. A non christian supplier agreed to give at the cheapest rate as this is a charitable work. After the first lot of wood was supplied his business suddenly increased several fold. Now he supplies wood for church at the same rate that he supplied in first lot although the prices of wood have increased 5 to 6 times since then. He says that his business increased due to his charitable act in the first lot so he will give total quantity of wood that is required at the same rate even if the market rate increases 10 times.  

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  1. Thanks for your support.

    We have been able to re-dedicate the Church in His service on 23rd Dec.2012. The dedication was made by the Dy. Moderator Rt.Rev. Dr. Dyvasirvadam, Bishhop Incharge, Medak Diocese, CSI.

    Please continue to provide your donations for completion of remaining works.